Tyler's Coursework
A small ledger of the work done on my path to learning more about mathematics and computer science.

Thanks for visiting my coursework webpage. Below are some links to my course work in mathematics. I recently started posting homeworks online, so there are going to be only a few for now.

Feel free to use any material contained within the tree of links for which this page is a root under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 (The License Deed, The Actual License).

I, at the very least, hope that I have made good mistakes in my works posted here that will allow you to learn from them. If that is not the case, then hopefully you will find them useful in some form. Thanks again for visiting, and may your time doing Math be glorious.

Also, if you happen to find something in these pages of mine that angers you, confuses you, or (best of all) really excites you, then let me know about it by email at me@tylerlogic.com.

University of Pennsylvania, Summer 2012 - Present

Self-Study, Fall 2010-present
Work being done in order to prepare for grad school in mathematics.

All of the material listed in this section is deliberately verbose, even moreso at times when I thought I had a key insight or when describing a particular path to a solution after being stuck for a long while. I hope the extra words can aide someone in gaining a better understanding than would have been gained in their absence.

University Of New Mexico, Fall 2008 - Spring 2010
I'll get around to posting it at somepoint.